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Fiend's Isle is an action roguelike inspired by retro first person RPGs of the 90s. Explore procedurally generated levels, fight monsters, and uncover the secrets of the mysterious island.

The current demo version includes a preview of core mechanics and the first level of the island. If you have any feedback or thoughts, make sure to leave a comment bellow.

Fiend's Isle is in active development, so be sure to add it to follow for updates!

Music by: @ThornIzumi


MoveWASDLeft Stick
AttackLeft MouseR2
InteractE✖, A
SprintShiftL3, ☐, X
Exit (only on title/credits)Escape

NOTE: If you experience any serious issues like a crash or frozen game, it would be very helpful if you could download the DEBUG build and either take a screenshot or copy the text you see in the console window after any errors occur. Thanks!


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Fiend's Isle ~ DEMO ~ [windows] v0.6.6 23 MB
Fiend's Isle ~ DEMO ~ [linux] v0.6.6 25 MB
fiends_isle[windows]_v0_6_6_DEBUG.zip 24 MB

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Really cool game, loved the vibe , the music is really good, definitely recommend 9/10

Out of all the indie games trying to be Kings Field, your demo truly succeeds at recapturing all of the key elements. It has the right look, it has the right feeling, it has the right technical execution, and it carries the right atmosphere. For a full release game, the similarities may be too on the nose, but, I sincerely hope you consider making a full project some day.

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It's like oldschool Skyirm. Complete vibes, love it.


Do you mean old school elderscrolls 

i  would love to play this

I'm not a fan of every indie game doing a PS1 aesthetic, but you did it really well! The OST is great too.

wish i could play. old looking graphics and great atmosphere got my attention so hard


not responding problem when i run the .exe


This is a really fun game, I hope you continue working on it. Great job so far! 👍


genuinely pretty fun


This game makes me irrationally happy... i pray to  g o d  your still working on the full game.


The full game is on indefinite hold until I'm able to either scrap together enough resources to hire a small team, or develop my skills enough to create it all myself. I do plan to return to it one day, but no definite plans at this moment :(.

That's really unfortunate, this game has so much potential.

What skills are you looking for this small team to cover?

Mostly art. Im terrible at modeling and I'd like to work with someone who could really bring a refined style to the project.

Deleted 120 days ago


Thank you :). If you're looking for something similar that's way more complete, maybe check out Lunacid!


the playstation can produce mind boggling effects


its really good and im waiting for full version but do it really cheap or free


i would assume they would want a fair day's pay for a fair day's work so i dont see a reason to do it cheap or free

Just beat the demo and I am really looking forward to seeing the future of this game!  Purple skeleton just about gave me a heart attack he was so quick!

Already wishlisted on steam!


the music makes me feel a emotion that doesnt exsit..... and i love it


fun :) I've always wanted to play Kings Fields but have never wanted to put up with the old controls, and this game manages that feeling fairly well with mouse look. The ps1 dithering and the camera bobbing add a very textured breathing feeling that ended up making for cool breather moments after combat.

There's a visual bug where the crossbow "drops" its bolt sometimes but super clean gameplay-wise


this game absolutely boggles my mind... it produces mind boggling effects....


The boggling has only begun


Absolutely love Daggerfall vibes of it! Please, if you would like to release full version as paid one, consider doing it not only for Steam, but also for GOG.com, as I’d love to pay for it, but I don’t want to support binding clients.

Thank you! When the time comes, I'll remember to look into GOG, but the game will also be released here on itch!


Fun demo! Great tribute to king's field! I found the Mace (:

This formula works well together!

Very soothing, amazing demo!

Will be coming back to this one.


This is one of the best games ive seen , i love the retro art style , the ,mechanics , everything about it is  a work of art

And i have a question

Will the full game be free on itch?

Thank you!

When the full game comes out it will not be free.


would love to see this get a full release 


this is sick dude


I really liked this demo for Fiend's Isle. I liked the aesthetic of the game with the PS1 style going for it as well as the game mechanics itself.  There's really isn't a tutorial on how to fight enemies or what the different kinds of items there are in the game, which gives you a hit of dopamine every time you discover something new. I went through the game without knowing that there was a healing mechanic that could have prevented me from dying. I didn't know that you could pick up the patches of grass on the ground and use them to heal yourself, so I kept running through areas with low hp and surviving with my top tier dodging skills. 

There are a few issues I had with the game mechanics that kind of got in the way of my enjoyment of the game. The first was with the range of the attacks. Sometimes, I would swing at a slime or skeleton with my dagger, and it would miss so I would try coming closer to guarantee a hit and I would end up taking damage. Also, without some kind of crosshair marking where you're clicking, there is no sense of knowing where the attack is going to land. Therefore, I think adding a crosshair or a dot to mark the middle of the screen along with adding just a tiny bit of range to the weapons would help fix these problems.

Another issue I faced while playing is the UI of the inventory.  I thought I could shoot a skeleton from far away with my crossbow and the switch over to my short sword to finish it off, but I got stuck in the middle of swapping and ended up dying because of it. To make it easier to swap weapons in the middle of combat, I would suggest making the scroll wheel bigger to display more items, since it only displays two at a time, or to make a section dedicated to holding your items and have the display screen for the items to the side.

Overall, I found his to be a pretty fun demo. I understand that this isn't the complete game and that it isn't the finished product. The problems I listed are pretty small and don't do a lot to take away from the enjoyment of the game. If you made it to the end of this to figure out if this is a game worth playing, I think you should try it out.

TLDR: Fun game with a few problems


pretty hard


I absolutly love this, and would love to see more if you decide to keep working on it, you've nailed the feel of a King's Field game while making it a rouge like, and I am in love with It

I hope you can keep up the project, and I would be ecstatic to buy and play it if you make it a full game!!!!!


Hey I really like this demo! If you're still wanting to make it bigger and need funding message me @Stylish_Kira, I'd love to publish it as long as I can sneak some Lunacid references in 


its looking like if kings field and the roguelike genre had a child 

and I love it

great job!! i hope you keep making games!

Congratulations for the amazing demo! I really enjoyed playing it.


how long it is for now? i know its in DEMO but i don`t want to download a short game so i will download it for later. (btw it looks cool)


The demo takes 10-15 minutes to play through. The full game is on hold while I try to figure out how to pay for it's development.

ok thx :)

game looks good watching people play it, but for some reason every time I open the game on any version i just get a perma black screen with game audio

Did you try the debug build? There should be a console window that pops up with any errors you might be having.

yes i tried the debug version aswell and nothing is happening its still a full black screen I also tried to download it on my laptop and I have the same issue im sorry for troubling you

No worries! The debug build should have a separate window that pops up, you probably need to alt tab to see it. It will list any errors. Are you sure you extracted all of the files in the zip? 

This is the msg im getting for the menu and yes im pretty sure I extracted the right way

WARNING: _update_root_rect: Font oversampling does not work in 'Viewport' stretch mode, only '2D'.

     At: scene/main/scene_tree.cpp:1236

WARNING: set_native_icon: No small icon found, reusing 32x32 @32768 icon!

     At: platform/windows/os_windows.cpp:3007

WARNING: _notification: World already has an environment (Another WorldEnvironment?), overriding.

     At: scene/3d/world_environment.cpp:40

None of those errors should be causing the issue you're describing. Sorry, I don't know what's wrong :/


nice game to play!

i have completed the demo.


Looks cool. Very Kings Field like


Great Game, Loved It.


what's the difference between the DEMO and DEBUG? I want to play the latest update but don't know the difference. I'm a noob with computer stuff so pls help me


The debug version is just for bug reports, they both have the same content.


Very nice

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The gameplay is surprisingly rhythmic which makes fights interesting. Also this game really does give off the feeling of an old game much more than most games I've played.


Well would ya look at that. I've been curious if anyone had made an indie game that was inspired by the Kings Field approach to dungeon crawling. But now I find a game that succeeds in imitating its entire aesthetic. That is awesome.

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