Wirez is a puzzle game about cable management. Connect the cables to the power supply to wire power into each boards modules. Experiment with different connections to figure out how each input and output works. The screenshots have a few hints...

For better performance download the executable for your OS, works great on Android! 

Made with the Godot engine for Godot Wildjam #21

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Made withLMMS, Audacity, Godot, GIMP
TagsPixel Art, Singleplayer, Touch-Friendly, unspeakable
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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wirez.apk 21 MB


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This is so sick


i beat it!! lovely game, the last puzzle is challenging! (:

i did find the music a bit high energy for solving puzzles!


Thanks! This was the first time I ever made music, so it is what it is 😅

its a catchy tune!(;


I almost have to thank Apple because if it weren't for "unspeakable games" I might never have discovered such a cool puzzle game.


Color coding the wires would be helpful for me, both to know for sure that I'm not missing that one wire is slightly longer, and to make seeing what tangled wire goes where once the device gets crowded. 


I like this, currently stuck on the level with the three arrows and (P) and I've managed to tangle two wires so that they are stuck crossing each other and I can't untangle them. I've already spent several minutes trying to untangle them. A "Reset wired" option that just removed and respawned the wired would be useful for me here, as is I don't think I have the patience to replay all the previous levels just to get this level back as it started.

Promising game though from what I've seen so far! Could probably have a little more hand-holding or explanation for the early levels. If you don't read I and O as "Input" and "Output" but as "One" and "Zero" you could get quite confused (as a friend reported to me after trying it).


Hey, iwilliams. Are you alright with people making videos of your game on their channel? And is it okay if those videos are monetized? I'd like to make a walkthrough/guide, a feedback/gametesting video and a summary video of the feedback for other game devs. 

No problem at all, go for it!


Thanks! I'll post links as the videos are published. :)


It's a great game. Can we have a Wirez 2 ? :)


i LOVE the game buuut i would like there to be like a secoond verson and also a hint button that like u only hav 3 hints per day but every day u log in u get +3 hints that would be super cool. it would also be awsome if you make a level maker where users can make there own puzzles and post them to the publick. and so that is just a few sugjustions


Such a fantastic idea. The level select being a gadget itself, just hilarious and brilliant.


Very cool game, fun and satisfying

How do I solve level 8?


This game is awesome! The only things I would like to see improved are:

  • The speed of the wires when dragged (maybe that’s just in the web version)
  • The “level select” screen can be disconnected and the wires drop through the “floor” making the player get stuck. But I love how this screen works with the same logic as the rest of the game!

Thanks! Yeah I agree the wire dragging is not quite right, I would have liked for it to work a bit better. I know what you mean on the level select, I only thought of that bug a few days after the jam was complete :D

How about a way of turning the music off?


Very novel concept, well executed (sometimes hard to figure out the goal). Would have been fun if you could rewire the main menu so it gives you access to a secret.


is there a walkthrough?

There are a few hints in the screenshots and a few more being discussed here: https://www.bontegames.com/2020/05/wirez-browser.html?m=1#comment-form

iwilliam, is there rlly only 8 lvls

Yes, this game was made in 9 days for a game jam. Unfortunately I didn't have time to make any more. I may release an update with more levels in the future though!

ok thx iwilliam

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iwilliam tell me when theres more levels thx

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im stuck on the 7x3 puzzle


nvm i figured it out

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its fun


I got hooked with this one. I'll download the apk to keep playing on my phone. Please make this a full game

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This is brilliant, although I really got lost when I got to the tic tac toe one.I also loved the super smash-like voice acting


Excellent! The graphics are super and the audio experience is unique. I loved how the game helped to introduce the main mechanic with simple levels and creates an unique flow.