• Select a sailor by clicking on them, then click a hole to order them to repair, or an empty space to move them. 
  • If the sailor is on top of a hole that you want to repair, move them away from it first. 
  • A hole can only be repaired by one sailor at a time.
  • Try for a hi-score!

A short little arcade game made for Ludum Dare 50, with the theme "Delay the inevitable". Made within 48 hours using the Godot engine. Everything made by me except for the font which can be found here. Sounds were made with SFXr and art assets were made with Gimp and Aseprite.

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TagsArcade, Godot, Ludum Dare 50, Pixel Art
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interesting, you could make cannons fire back and it can be kinda like FTL.

good job friend.


Thanks! My original plan was to let you assign units to cannons to fire back. I was also going to allow you to assign units to instruments for a buff :D. I might come back to this game one day and expand it a little.


This was so stressful! Poor green guys ç_ç good game, I think it conveyed the theme in a great way. My high score is 7445.


Thanks for always checking out my little games! xD


No thank you for always making them good! Keep it up :)