A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Full game coming soon! Wishlist on steam!

Classic stealth game play. Try to S rank every level!


ActionKeyboard/MouseXbox Controller
PlayStation Controller
MoveWASDLeft stickLeft stick
Hug wallHold direction against wallHold direction against wallHold direction against wall
(While hugging wall)
Toggle crouchControlACross
First personShift (Hold)Y (Hold)Triangle (Hold)

Made in 2 weeks for the 32bit Jam 2021

--- Programming ---


--- Music, SFX, Audio Design  ---

Mario Acero - SilentDrumr

--- Art (Environment / Characters) ---


--- Additional Programming ---


--- Level and Game Design ---



--- Playtesting ---


Izumi Thorn

James Martinez

Trey Divelbiss

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
Authorsiwilliams, Warkus
Made withGodot
Tags3D, Controller, Low-poly, PSX (PlayStation), Stealth, Third Person, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Playstation controller, Gamepad (any)


[Original Jam Version] Exfiltraitor [windows] 24 MB
[Original Jam Version] Exfiltraitor [linux] 26 MB

Development log


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lovely game! (;

very good game


Very good game, simple controls, but challenging. It remembers me of mgs vr missions.


Can't wait for more!

I loved it! Going from very simple to more complex scenes let you dive in easy. And there is always the rank A challenge, if you don't want easy. Music nice, just a background nice sound without disturbing.

Thanks for doing this game!

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This would make an awesome long game


Good job ! I am another fan of Metal Gear, so I enjoyed your game very much (I finished it, by the way). I will be following the current 32bit jam with great interest.

Hey, which programming language did you use and how did you make the controller setting in the game??

It was made with the Godot game engine. Controller support is easy to set up with Godot.


Hey thanks for releasing for Linux...very much appreciated it!

No problem, all my games are developed on Linux :D


Love the metal gear references and it wasn't too much either. Hope you continue to work on this, it has a lot of potential. (I did a two game vid and yours second) 


Glad you enjoyed it. You should give Godot a shot, it's a really fun engine to work with :)


i'me sill looking into it and learning it with the little time i have but you've added to my reason to learn it more thanks

Win+G key combo says it's running at 121hz on my 60hz system. It's maxing my system fans which become loud. I think it's not frame limited at all, which I'd expect from Godot being popular. 120hz being double 60 is probably a coincidence. Anyway, it looks like it should run better, being so simple as it is.

So wait your monitor is only 60hz? I know Godot does have some problems with high refresh rates, but I don't think it should be running more then whatever your monitor is set to...

My adapter is 60hz too. Unless it's rendering two screens/windows and Win+G is counting them together, I think 120 may be a coincidence and sync is disabled instead.

Not letting me download. Says game missing

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cool retro type metal gear


Bom jogo, realmente lembra bastante o Metal Gear Solid, em especial o VR Missions. Única reclamação é que é curtinho. Parabéns aos envolvidos. 

Nice game, really similar concept to MGS, in particular the VR Missions one. Only compaint its that it's too short. Congrats to all involved!

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It's a good tribute to MGS1.

Thanks for making a build for Linux


Of course! I develop all my games on Linux :D

I like it quite a bit; made it a few levels in.

But the "wall hug" action is broken.

Why do you think it's broken? You have to hold the direction of the wall and keep holding it.

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It also happens to me, it seems the character detects you are trying to hug the wall and walk at the same time.

When holding on a wall the character keeps it's walking animation and starts shaking and in some corners the camera also starts shaking trying to change it's position and returning.

I'm running on Linux in an old laptop, perhaps the problem is related to framerate and animation time.

I know. I tried that. The character just spasms out...

I just uploaded a new build that I think should fix this problem. If you give it a shot, please let me know if it's fixed.


Cool, thanks. Will do.


You were right about it being a framerate issue!

The bug was occurring when the display framerate dropped below the physics processing framefrate... It should be fixed in the latest build I just uploaded.

Thanks, it works now. My laptop can't run this at a consistent framerate, but it's playable, in fact I've already finished it!


This game was cool. I made it up to the halfway point of the level selection. I love this game art style.


Thanks for playing! The part you got stuck at requires you to crouch behind the barrels on the bridge so that the camera will pass over you :)


You're welcome, i thought so and somehow i missed that. I still enjoyed the game though. :)

wall hugging broken

What do you mean by broken? You have to hold the direction of the wall.

yeah it works for like. a couple frames and then i un-snap from the wall and re-snap over and over again, dozens of times per second. it made me unable to complete one of the early levels which made me sad because the game seems really fun and i would love to keep playing but i literally can't :(

Give the latest uploaded build a shot, I think I've fixed the issue.

wall hugging fixed! :) (though only with WASD; with arrow keys a new issue is presented where walking while hugging a wall is impossible)

Ah that's because I only bound up and down for the purpose of menu navigation. Glad WASD is working for you now though!

oh it's actually left & right arrow keys don't work at all


Amazing MGS Inspiration. This game is very good, although short. It has great potential for something more. Congrats and keep it up!


This was sick. For just 2 weeks of development, it plays, looks, and sounds great. Would love to see this project continued some day with more layers of gameplay.

4th level crashes the game for me.

Did you extract all of the contents of the zip? There is a dll file that you need make sure you extract along with the exe.