A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Wishlist the full version on Steam!

Made for Mech Jam III

Pilot the Hyper-Advanced, mechanized assault suit: Cyberlancer.

Purchase and upgrade weapons to take down waves upon waves of enemies!

Feast your eyes on Mind-Melting Sega Saturn inspired graphics!



Keyboard & MouseController
MoveWASDLeft Analog Stick
Primary WeaponLeft Mouse ButtonR2
Secondary WeaponRight Mouse ButtonL2
Pause GameEscapeStart
Toggle FullscreenAlt + Enter





-Made by-


Modus Interactive


-Music by-

Viktor Kraus

-Voice Acting-

Pokop Pokopson


Cyber Lancer [Windows] 33 MB
Cyber Lancer [Linux]
Cyber Lancer [MacOS] 55 MB

Development log


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This reminds me of a game i used to play on the PSX(i think?)... You were also a Mecha on Groundwork and got a shitload of different maps and enemies..

Armored Core?


Explosion and...

I really like the controls and gameplay and the overall aesthetic of the game. It gives off a lot of Gundam Extreme VS vibes when playing and I'm excited to see more from the devs! I do wish I had the ability to jump and perform melee attacks. Overall I think its a very awesome game!

I want to drown in the aesthetic. I wish this game had an entire world I could sink 10,000 hours into

Es hermoso además me gusta que lo hayas creado con Godot.


This is so damn good. I was in love with Virtua-On as a kid and it's great to play something that looks like that. Played for at least an hour, definitely wishlisting this because I love it. 

Literally just spent an hour playing, absolutely love it. Wonderful game, love the retro graphics, amazing music. Reminds me of the arcade.


As a fellow mech game dev, i have to say this is a gem. I'm such a fan! Please continue development, it felt like i was back in the arcades!



The gameplay was fast, the graphics were eye catching, the music was hype, everything about this game was great! I loved the enemy types and the way you could upgrade weapons between waves! I will say that I think the Grenade launcher could use a bit of a buff because the Missile launcher very quickly out classes it but other than that, this game was fantastic through and through and I cant wait to see what the full game will be like!

im running this game on windows 11. whenever i launch the game it doesn't show anything

12tg gen Intel Core i5-12600kf,
8 gigabyte ram)

i would really like to play this game

Do you have a 64-bit OS??? It's probably because you have a 32-bit OS, or because it's Windows 11.

64 bit

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До біса арени, робіть велике місто.

і більше моделей роботів

А загалом відмінна музіка та звуки. 


Fun and nice game! I feel like there should be an option to enable subtitles for deaf/hard-of-hearing gamers like me.


I'll make sure to add a subtitle option in the steam release!


I'm glad the homepage recommended me this game, this looks amazing!!! I'm definitely going to try this the second I can!


Remember virtual on


good game


you know i love this game already the cool retro graphics and soundtrack to this game is awesome, and being made by godot as well, just amazing. i hope to see this fully on steam


Reminds me of a game I used to play back in the day. You controlled a mech and you battled other mechs in a city. You threw rockets and stuff. Was a lot of fun.

Yep sounds like Virtual on, the game that inspired this  game


cool game!


This is a cool game!


really cool mecha game! 


Cool game!


I  hate this game because i cant exit it!


It's not meant to be exited, you're meant to play it forever.


This game is awesome


So so sick, I love this so much

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Will the full version be coming to Itch.io too?





I REALLY REALLY REALLY Enjoyed this! Can't wait for the full version. If i were to give any feedback, the boost needs some more visual feedback, there needs to be some distinction between damage indicators between player and enemy and getting an undo button in the store in case you've adquired the wrong item. Also i needed to Alt F4 to quit this demo.
But HIGHLY RECCOMENDED i'm gonna tell all my gamer friend sabout it. The art is ON POINT!

Really cool game and smooth controls i like it


This game made me feel something that i don’t know how to explain but it is what i’ve been craving for long




Pretty fun! Feels like a light version of the games I used to play...


Made a video

I wish I could explain the feeling this game gave me, I shot back into time where I had a demo disc with Virtua ON , daytona USA, and virtua fighter 2. I never actually got my parents to buy Virtua ON, but I legit played the shit out of that demo ! excited for release thanks!

Full Demo NO COmmentary 

Cool game here's a speedrun


woooah totally giving off VIRTUAL-ON  vibes


this looks amazing


fun game good mechanics would be cool to see a full game like this. also maybe  a longer dash and a jump could be cool


This is a pretty fun game, had some enjoyment out of playing this. You should continue working on it to make it better, even though its decent enough.


Good job on this!


This game was so much fun. Keep up the great work! 


Thanks for playing! I'm sorry you experienced the slow down towards the end, we'll look into fixing that.

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